New Roof Installation

A new roof installation is an extensive job which requires roofing experts to address different aspects of the installation. By choosing Dan McCullers Roofing you’ll never end up with sub standard workmanship or low-quality materials. Many roofing contractors will replace the tar and a few shingles and claim they installed a complete new roof.

Never settle for a low ball quote when hiring a roofing contractor because you will receive a sub standard product and you will be disappointed.

When Dan McCullers Roofing recommends a new roof installation that means we remove the entire roof and a new one is installed. this will also include replacing any rotted wood or structural defects noticed during the discover phase of the project.

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McCullers Roofing Inc. is dedicated to providing quality workmanship and materials, specializing in re-roofing, industrial, residential, and commercial maintenance, as well as emergency repairs.

Our key to success has been founded on an uncompromising code of integrity and reliable, long-term performance. The result is consistent, quality work. You receive long-term value for your dollar with reliable and long-term roofs.

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