Commercial Roof Maintenance

Keep your roof in tip top shape with McCuller’s Commercial Maintenance Program.

This is a question many ask as soon as it starts raining. Roofing experts say that many times the quantity or the quality of leaks indicates that your roof needs to be repaired or worse replaced.

Naturally, when water is leaking into someone’s house, the first thought is, “it’s the roof,” but the roof isn’t always to blame. The most important clue is the age of your roof and the type of material from which it is made.

If you know it’s been up there 10 years or better, and it’s not fine-quality roofing, chances are good that the leak is indeed a problem with your roof.

More often than not, the problem stems from clogged drainpipes, displaced shingles or shake, damaged skylights, sheet metal flashing, or chimneys. If your roof is more than 10 years old, it is probably wise to call McCullers Roofing Inc. and have us check it out for you.

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